A times Company with Tim Cook Gave 3.5 Mill. to Charity

Tim Cook offered his company and a cup of coffee to the highest bidder on an auction site, which ended with 3.5 million for charity.

Apple is known for many things, but they have never been known to give money to charity. But with Tim Cook at the helm, things are now different.

In april went to Apple’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook, forrest and offered at auction since charitybuzz.com, an hour in his company and a cup of coffee in Apple’s headquarters to the highest bidder. The money in the collection were earmarked for The Robert. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. It writes our site.

From the outset was the predicted winner price set to 50,000 dollars, but this amount was quickly bid much higher up – and stood for a long time put on 605,000 dollars, but just before the auction ended, it was last bid at 610,000 dollars thrown on the table, which corresponds to around 3.5 million Danish kroner.

The winner of the auction and what must be one of the most expensive cups of coffee are not published.