€600 For The Nokia n900? What Has The Smartphone Yet Except a Touchscreen, Maemo 5 And Qwerty Keyboard?

The Nokia N900 is no longer the newest Smartphone on the market of mobile telephony, but this phone deserves an entry in the blog. The proud price of over 600 euro comes not from about: A large touch screen, more internal memory, a full QWERTY keyboard, the 5-megapixel camera and the Internet shapes this smartphone into a mobile phone, which needs not to hide from an iPhone.

What’s about 600 euro-expensive technology?

You could call almost as a flagship of Nokia N900. Almost everything that you can have in a Smartphone these days, can have the N900. What few smartphones have integrated, is still a full QWERTY keyboard in addition to the touch screen. So a keyboard especially handy for longer texts and emails, or just for people who are used to the big keyboard and prefer fast type is of course.

The QWERTY keyboard can be elegantly slide is under the 3.5-inch touch screen, like in a classic slider phone. The touch screen comes with a protzerischen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which corresponds to a sporty image diagonal of rich 8.9 cm! The 16.7 Miollionen colors contribute their part that you like to look at photos, Philme, or just the menu on his N900.

Enough disk space exists anyway, gigatischen 32 GB internally: the convenient Setup with micro SD will not be so anyway first cards needed. This store offers also the Vortei that you can store extra many photos shot with the good 5 megapixel camera itself.

Who with its Smartphone like Internet surfing, sends E-Mails and actively participates in social networks, is with a Nokia N900 exactly at the right place; Services such as HSDPA, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and quad are all integrated in to this mobile phone. The 600 MHz processor can although with smartphones, which have appeared in the recent past, not quite keep up with, but still fast enough for liquid menu navigation and does not provide also otherwise for long waiting times.

The software package is also one of the larger: If you would like to now see Word and Excel documents, synchronize Outlook or look at PDF files, all with no problem Nokia N900. For the lovers of the E-Mail, also still a push-mail support is with part of the game, as well as a headset and a USB cable.

In addition, the N900 with four individual einrichtbaren desktop screens, various widgets and a comprehensive adjustment for the user can shine. Standard, but still worth mentioning even a GPS module, Media Player, Bluetooth and the option, photos are now tagging, so that it can be found schnnell a finding by any criterion.

What fault the owners on the Nokia N900?

Because Nokia has been adopted for the N900 from its previous operating system Symbian, attempting to use an operating system from Linux, was eagerly anticipated. Overall, maemo 5 is not the fastest, but because of the high similarity to a Windows interface to cope can be found quickly and the many widgets can be very good position and move.

The weight and size are a problem, what Smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard with you. With its 180 g, the Nokia N900 is not exactly a light weight, it is also about twice as deep as an iPhone. Who but not want to give up the keyboard, you have to take just the size in purchase.

Is getting used to something that of at the Smartphone neither is a button to accept, yet to hang up a call.everything is done with the touch screen. It’s clear to recognize when such custom modifications is the attempt by Nokia to let a mobile hernakommen more and more on a NetBook.

For music fans, it is a pity that the album cover are shown only very small and you can not rate the songs.Also Nokia not, manages to get the software capabilities in Apple’s Internet – but who can say the same?

The Nokia N900 is its 600 euros worth?

Who watch movies and photos in spite of the large touch-screens in great quality, would like to make a liquid handling in the menu and high-quality photos, good advice with the Nokia N900. But those who want long term good archive a smaller Smartphone, many apps and music, should look around maybe prefer again to another device. If you have interest in similar smartphones, looks around best again at Our site- buy cell phones online. More information and a comparison with competitors we have already immortalized in an another blog entry, interest has, should click here.