Eroski Mobile Becomes More Flexible But More Expensive Fares with Its New Offer

Eroski mobile just renewed all its offer rate passing to the flexibility that is characteristic of the MVNO’s that allows you to configure a rate almost to media by combining 5 bonds of minutes with other 5 bonds of data, resulting in a total of 30 mobile rates Although including the rates Miss per minute that have disappeared from the catalogue, including the rates without establishment features operator.

Rates per minute could be reason to the inability to compete with the low prices of Lowi therefore with reform, Eroski seems to have chosen to complement the OMV from Vodafone where has shortcomings, such as the bonds of minutes and offers convergetes.

The supply of bonds of minutes is made by the rates tell me 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 minutes can be combined with data on contract bonds and among those who are bonuses of 250-500 MB with prices that will encourage us to make the leap to the bonds of 1, 2 or 3 GB much more competitive. Both combinations will be available both in prepaid card contract.

With respect to the previous offer of Eroski, new rates represent a price increase ranging from less than 1 euro for 100 minutes rate but that rises up to 2 euros in the 250 minutes and which is up to 6 EUR at the rate of 1,000 minutes. However, having won in flexibility, change rate can mean savings in certain cases.

With regard to the converged offering win me, Eroski the bet to a new modality that includes ADSL up to 20 Mbps (remember that without phone fixed) and mobile with 1,000 minutes and 1 GB for 43 euros, what represents a saving of 4 billion from the general offer that lets you add ADSL for 25 euros at any of the rates. In addition, there will be a basic version without internet on the phone but keeping the 1,000 minutes on the mobile for 33 euros.

In terms of excesses, Eroski also increases the price of the extra minute from 3.5 to 6.5 cents the minute while mega extra price remains at 3.6 cents and still allowing request free speed reduction but it has become more expensive 1 euro the price of the extra bonus of 500 MB.

On the particularities of Eroski, operator will including free minutes for shopping centers Eroski and that add 30 free minutes for monthly purchases of 100 to 200 euros, 60 minutes for purchases of 200 to 300 euros and 90 minutes for purchases of more than 300 euros, provided your mobile Bill is equal to or greater than 15 euros. In addition, prepaid return VAT on every top-up that can be spent on calls to other mobile Eroski. Also be given 500 points travel club for each high and portability both prepaid and contract.

Tariffs Eroski mobile as well remains