Euskaltel and R Will Be without League Next Season, Is Not a Cost-Effective Product for Them

Yesterday was the day of knowing where we can see the football the next seasons. All operators who are currently issuing La Liga they have confirmed that they will continue to do so during the three next season, having reached an agreement with Mediapro, owner of much of the rights.

The ball went to the roof of Euskaltel and R, two operators who this season resigned to having the rights of football. And it seems that both multichannel (remember that they are actually the same company after buying the Basque company Galician) they will continue offering football, What we can infer from an interview published in a journal to Alberto García Erauzkin, President of Euskaltel.

We have already spoken in more than one occasion that football is not a cost-effective product for the operators, but as most of them fear the consequences of not providing it they end up paying figures that never recover. But those sayings or rumors now García Erauzkin has given figures, justifying the resignation of its two brands, Euskaltel and R football.

In an interview in La Voz de Galicia, the President of the Millicom ensures that when they offered the only football 5% hired it customers, having to pay 2 and 3 million euros for having the channels that broadcast it. Add to this that the new format of the auctioning they would have to have paid 13-14 million euros for a single season, which would still make less profitable purchase.

After those numbers and if still be doubts, Erauzkin makes it clear: “The payment of the fees is desmadrado. Therefore it is ruled out.” Seen, Euskaltel and R clients who want to access the live football will have to continue to rely on online platforms.