Galaxy S4 Comes in the United States with Pure Android 4.2

S4 turn into Nexus: Samsung Galaxy S4 can be purchased Soon in United States in a stock Android version, without Samsung’s customizations.

Samsung Galaxy S4 sold with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean adapted with Samsung Touchwiz, so the manufacturer’s own user experience.

But Wednesday night Google announced that in the United States comes a special edition of S4’eren, which has the pure Android Jelly Bean version 4.2, without Samsung’s customizations.

The device will be completely unlocked, exactly as is the case with Google’s Nexus units. So a little square, it can be said that Google has transformed the Galaxy S4 for a Galaxy Nexus S4.

There is no information on whether this S4-Edition comes outside the United States, who can look forward to the launch on 26. June 2013.