Google nexus one – smart phone with AMOLED touchscreen and Google Android 2.1 from February available in Germany!

The Google nexus one will go from February in Germany over the counter. The reported Twitter and allowed as evidence a photo with the current offerings appear in February by Vodafone. The sales launch in America happened however as rather holprich…

February is increasingly likely

This thesis, that’s the Google nexus one from February will give here, too, is supported by reports from the UK. There the answer should be assumed to customer requests that the Smartphone from February 3 is available. That speaks to a possible Europe-wide introduction of the Google nexus one. Social partners of the Smartphone manufactured by HTC Vodafone is after the message from the Dutch service Twitter for the market launch in Germany. However, despite Treaty, still a sum is pitched for the Smartphone with Google Android 2.1.

Sales start in the United States not of success crowned

The Google nexus one band should have gone according to in the first week of sales in America just 20,000 times about it. The research firm tracks the active Smartphone of a manufacturer and can analyze the number of sold units of individual producers on downloads in the Appstore. For a Google phone and unwanted iPhone competitors a disturbing number! Because in the first week of sales of iPhones alone 1.6 million of the Apple phones were sold to the. Apple has created but an additional source of sales sales of accompanying advertising and advertising in advance as it seems. Because Google didn’t touch so far still beat the big drum and the 20,000 sold Google talk for nexus one, that an advertising campaign can be useful.

Less good sales despite excellent facilities!

The Google nexus one is equipped with a giant-AMOLEDtouch screen. In the first tests with this Smartphone, all testers were impressed by the display with approximately 10 centimeters diagonal screen size. One reason for the high notes is the class resolution 854 × 480 pixels. And then the advantages of OLED technology are to lead. The colors and contrast are excellent and the side viewing of the display makes any concessions with regard to the viewing angle. In addition, an AMOLED display is not warm. And all in the sleek design of just 11.5 mm width in the Google nexus one.

Just quick with snapdragon

The Snapdragon processor has come off very well in the first test. Hardly surprising if it is a 1 GHz clock rate is 512 gigabytes of memory! The Google nexus one is just incredibly fast in the opening and switching applications, the it the My imaginary nickname Googly Gonzales redlich earned has.

Google phone and Internet!

A prerequisite is good Internet on the Google nexus one. For who is already as most successful online search engine must provide the applications and services. Accordingly, Google mail, Google maps and YouTube may not miss! To surf on the go also problem-free Wi-Fi and UMTS are indispensable. HSDPA provides fast data transfer rate on the Smartphone.

But also the Super facilities and the attention of the press seem to move the American people not to purchase the Google nexus one. Now naturally arises the question whether this is the marketing situation. It could confirm the thesis that sell a mobile phone only so well is how the whole package together play equipment, advertising and press attention. Many claim if a module is missing a so good Smartphoneis not reasonable like for example the Google to sell nexus one, as a decisive factor for a good paragraph is missing through lack of attention in the ‘normal’ daily routine by advertising. And we have over the sensational facilities of the Google nexus one, Our site phones online cheap buy, previously reported on this blog site.

Still, there is hope!

The Entscheidenste is whether the sales number can be correct with the introduction from February still clearly upwards. As in the first week nexus is not the 1.6 million iPhones sold with the present paragraph number of the Google to compare one. The iPhone was already available at launch in eight countries. Accordingly, all are curious to see whether or not the introduction of the Google nexus one in Europe the sales number of the iPhone at least from safe distance is still slightly closer. Because up to cooking any advertising support for the Google nexus one is found, sales in Europe, and Germany will depend heavily the first user comments from the United States. As without confirmation of the quality and the performance of sales will not increase.

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