Here Are Some Tips to Take Care of Your Health While You Look at The Screen of Your Mobile Phone

Each person is a world, and if we talk about the hours per day that can happen watching the screen of your mobile phone, best or we are talking about. What most of us are not aware, even knowing this information, is that the screen of your mobile phone You can modify our rhythm of sleep or even damage the eyesight in the medium to long term.

We must bear in mind that we spent a good part of the day watching our things in mobile, whether it is email, social networks, chat, games, etc. This, in the long run, You can do that it will deteriorate our sight over time, and this is why I want to give you a couple of tips that will help you care for your eyes a little.

Display brightness used consistently

The screen is to look more at a smartphone and, in addition, it is you spend more battery. Display brightness is very important for our view, both the autonomy of our device so that we must be consistent when it comes to modificiarlo in according to what situations.

I am not going to say anything about the conditions in which gives direct sunlight because the brightness in these cases will always walk between 75% and 100% to see the content correctly. So yes be careful is with situations in which there are low light, as a dark room.

It is good that have a very bright display with a stunning reproduction of colors and all that, but have very high brightness in the dark is not good for our eyes. Normally having the brightness to 25%, or to the minimum if the screen has a fairly high minimum brightness, will be more than enough.

The Automatic brightness in these cases can be your greatest ally, since you won’t have you to worry about walking down the notification bar to change brightness, the system will do it for you. In this way, should have this option turned on if you are forgetful or change every moment of light condition (not see the juggling thing to do to get the maximum brightness in the street with all the sunshine when you were at the minimum).

The mobile screen and circadian rhythm

Sleep is very important, and do it long enough and with enough quality is even more important for our health. Without knowing it, or realize, our mobile screens affect our circadian rhythm in a negative way, and not few are the ones who look at the mobile just before sleep.

Specifically it is Blue light charge we have problems sleeping, or the children of the House playing with mobile or tablet before bedtime to suffer from hyperactivity, a photoreceptor in our eyes is sensitive to blue light and can be done to prevent melanin, the hormone responsible for our sleep cycles occur.

After this technical sheet, the best advice is to make use of the feature Night mode (or night mode, depending on how it is called in each model), since, to activate it, this takes care of remove the screen blue light. Unfortunately, catches taken from my OnePlus 3 do not reflect this fact, so I can not show to what extent changes the screen, but if you have this feature you can check it out for yourself.

If you’re a capable smartphone holder have this ability (the most recent is normal have it), only go to settings and click on display. If your mobile does not bring by default, there are some cooked ROMs (how CyanogenMod under the name of Live Display) that include it.

But not everyone has this feature, nor she is everyone not to install a ROM. For these people there is also solution, as There are applications in Google Play able to imitate to perfection to night mode, and one that I’ve tried over and over again a few years ago is Twilight.

This application, although it is not as simple as the night mode, allows you to automate the hours of the day in which the screen is amended to avoid damage to the eyes. In this application You can modify the color temperature, the intensity and the dimming of the screen. To give the ‘Play’ button, below to the right, you’ll see how to change the screen.

If you are satisfied with the settings, by clicking on the symbol of ‘More’ (above right) You can also save the profile with the name you choose. My advice is that you get to mess with the application so that you decide whether you should or not, but although remain quite reddish colors, ayduara that you can sleep better.

Many are not the advice given in this article, and can you already know them, but it never comes bad remind from time to time. However, if you have any extra tips to help, your comments will be welcome.