Hits Mobile Debuts Rates: Best Coverage Combinations Vodafone and with Calls to 56 Countries

Eroski mobile, the other independent MVNO with Vodafone coverage, had recently renovated its rates with bonds of minutes and internet that perfectly complemented with rates per minute of Lowi but now Hits Mobile He wanted to get in the game and it has refined its offering of card with new rates and improvements with more internet without raising the price on some of the current.

The more discrete improvements affect customers of prepaid card in three of their bonds to navigate passing the cheapest of 500 to 650 MB and 1 GB passes to 1.3 GB while that bonus 2 GB has lowered 1 euro. In addition, your rate combined that includes 25 international minutes to speak with 37 countries for 19.90 euros goes from 1 to 1.5 GB.

As for the offer of Contract, among the improvements look like the 250 MB bonus has grown up to the 400 MB, 3 GB 3.5 GB, with 250 minutes bonus has gone from 1 to 1.5 GB and which includes 1,000 international minutes that goes from 3 to 4 GB.

The new rates for contract includes a basic 100 minutes and 1 GB for 9.90 euros and that go to 12.90 euros if you want that the minutes are valid to speak with 56 countries. The combined with similar characteristics more cheaply with Vodafone coverage although close to 3 euros more expensive market located in Oceans under cover Orange as you can see in the comparison that we have just updated.

In addition Hits Mobile has created other new two leading rates under Vodafone coverage: a with 250 national minutes + 3 GB per 21,90 EUR which is 4 euros of difference with respect to the similar in Oceans and another of 500 minutes (valid to speak with 56 countries) with 4 GB per 28.90 euro but it has no direct rival for international calls included, being the nearest Amena rate for 24,95 euros with 7 GB and unlimited calls.

So is the complete range of rates Hits Mobile