HTC Desire-Cheap Online Buy At Our site – Best With Internet Flat For Mobile Phones 

Cheap online buy HTC desire – at Our site! The new smartphone from the premium comes manufacturer HTC with rich facilities at an affordable price. But what really pays you for the HTC desire? How much is flat for the phone which we strongly encourage monthly and actually the HTC desire with Internet? We have gives us an overview for you and tell you where and with what mobile plan you will get the best price for the HTC desire. It makes the new mobile phone from HTC sense without purchase agreement?

HTC desire with T-mobile phone contract

If you flat T – mobile want the HTC desire with a Web, we recommend you the mobile tariff Combi relax 120 with 120 monthly inclusive minutes, a weekend flat to T-Mobile and the German landline, as well as the described Internet flat. Here numbers you however proud €49,95 per month. You need to pay anything to the device. After 24 months, you have paid almost €1200. That doesn’t sound much of course first, forget you but, the mobile contract offers good quality performance and the network for this much.

The HTC desire with T-Mobile relax 60 fare there, however, also without additional charge (if you ordered the T-mobile goods). Here you pay €19.95 every month resulting in €478,80 to the period of 24 Monaten. Less than half as much as in the T-Mobile Combi 120 relax, but what does the relaxation 60 performance? At least 60 inclusive minutes per month in all German networks, as well as a weekend flat to T-Mobile and landlines. However, the Internet flat missing you here. If you want to go with the HTC desire in the Internet, you should look around for a different tariff.

HTC desire with Vodafone Mobile phone contract

The HTC desire with Vodafone Super flat Internet weekend HW10 bears a unique 89,25 and then for at least 24 months cheap €24,95. The performance offers the price relative for money. A weekend flat to Vodafone and the German landline, as well as an Internet flat to the mobile surfing with the HTC desire. These Internet flat will be throttled but from 200 MB to 64 kBit / s. So this brings more surf the Web no great fun. Vodafone network quality is very good (according to connect network test 2009). The total cost here totaled €598,80 + €89,25 = €688,05. A good value for money.

HTC desire with O2 Mobile phone contract

An O2 inclusive package online convenience with HTC desire can under circumstances also make sense do. Pay monthly only €10 fee and have whopping 100 free minutes, thanks to the online advantage, + 100 free SMS and that every month. The supplement to the HTC desire is quite high here with €279,95 per month. Considering however that but the low fee to 24 months seen by only €240, is a total price of just €519,95 for the HTC desire, and that in a very good performance of the tariff! Because it’s worth almost no longer ordered HTC desire without a contract (to present approx. €455 to Our site). O2 network quality is good and for additional €10 a month can a so-called Internet Pack M are ordered. This then provides a data flat out reached the 200 MB limit on 64 kbit/s (download) / 16 kBit / s (upload) is throttled.

HTC desire with BASE flat-rate.

At Our site you can order also the HTC desire with the BASE flat-rate. Network quality can be but rather to be desired, because she’s just times ‘sufficient’ (according to connect network test 2009). Now choose the HTC desire with my BASE phone tariff in the variant with Internet mobile flat option and hardware overhead, you come on a unit price of one-time €238. There is a monthly fee of at least £10. As long as you the option “Internet flat” want to use €10 per month be added once again. So at least €478 for the HTC desire arise. When using the option “Internet flat” over 24 months €240 to happen then, as mentioned above, once again. That would be then already €718 2 years seen. After all, get monthly 30 SMS + 30 free minutes to BASE and E-plus.

Conclusion – which tariff to the HTC desire Select?

The decision which is the appropriate rate for the HTC desire is your choice. Also, your preferences for writing SMS or surfing on the Internet can be very different. One wants a flat rate for the phone, the other didn’t even want to surf the Web with their Smartphone. It is clear, at Our site- buy cell phones online, there is a matching mobile plan and many surf & phone flat rates to the HTC desire with security for each user. Without a contract, the Smartphone is incidentally about €455 + €10 shipping costs, which do not have a purchase order contract. There I would combine personally prefer the HTC desire with a contract!