Is Worth Really The Snapdragon 821 Output?

Snapdragon 820 has meant the return to the path of the success of Qualcomm, and the proof is that complaints and jokes about the trend there is no to the overheating which had with the 810. Approximately half a year this 820 Snapdragon reign has lasted him before seeing how appeared a top at home processor: the Snapdragon 821.

To summarize, this 821 Snapdragon is, according to Qualcomm, 10% more powerful, but it retains many of the features of the 820. In fact both processors are going to live together, being the 821 a processor for those manufacturers who want to go a step further in terms of hardware is concerned. The question is if it was really necessary to get Snapdragon 821.

The Snapdragon 821, the twin brother of the 820

Qualcomm has done well to not differentiate much numerically both processors, even in (the internal name 820 is the MSM8996, While the 821 is the Pro MSM8996), as in the vast majority of its specifications are calçados. They basically differ in the clock speed of the cores and the GPU.

As you can see in the more detailed comparison, the rest of the specs are the same, Now let’s talk size semiconductors, connectivity, support cameras, they are the same in all, only varies as mentioned above. This is why the numerical difference between both names of processors is minimum.

Only in increasing frequency of CPU and GPU is what Qualcomm relies to say that it is 10% more powerful. On the paper you can, but let me be a little skeptical despite the fact that it is not a large percentage, the best thing is to be able to test it live and see if there is difference with his brother the Snapdragon 820.

It is not the first time that Qualcomm does this

If you’re fairly veteran in this scene, you’ll know that Qualcomm has already done a few times these “updates” of processors. We can see cases as of the Snapdragon 801, of which appeared two versions only changing the CPU and GPU clock frequency, or that almost equally unnecessary update that was the Snapdragon 805.

By the way, Snadragon 801 was an update of the glorious Snapdragon 800, so Qualcomm was made a mess to get an update of an update (Snapdragon 805), all a ruckus, we will. The only palpable difference between the 800 Snapdragon and its last update (805) is energy efficiency, where the newest generation, is obviously top.

More than one tell me that the 805 is not an update to the 800, but looking at the most important specifications, the difference is not enough to unlink them, so I will allow me the luxury of calling the 805 800 update.

The most recent update, excluding that of the Snapdragon 820, is certainly that happened with the 810, only that It was only (at least partly) solve the overheating problems that has generated so many jokes. With this in mind, it is not strange that this year we have also seen an update and we will continue seeing them in years to come.

What is the point then the Snapdragon 821?

This is the question I ask myself from the moment of knowing this processor specifications, so I will take this section to reflect on this issue, and I hope to accompany me with your own opinion on whether it is worth this processor is a waste of time and money.

The question of whether it is worth this Snapdragon 821, I would say that not, that is rather a matter of whim of Qualcomm than a necessity. We have for this year at Snapdragon 820, it is demonstrating its enormous power, being worthy of any high-end, and until now the 821 with a clock speed anything higher seems unnecessary.

Some manufacturers who tuned out a mobile)ASUS or Samsung, to give two examples at random) of range high still possibly bet on this update taking advantage of novelty, and step a little inflated prices, which is a processor recently come on the market and are not going to let the price of the terminal on the floor.

This can also generate certain (very slight) psychological effect on those who have a terminal with Snapdragon 820 become outdated, although I repeat that the only difference is the clock frequency, that has risen slightly. Either way, we all know that technology moves at a frenetic pace and this will not change in the short term.

I do not know what you think, but I believe that Qualcomm perfectly it could have saved time and money spent on the Snapdragon 821 to investigate How to make even more innovative to the 830. I am almost sure that there will be much difference between the two processors of Qualcomm for the high end of this year, but to not be able to compare them on smartphones, it is difficult to assess nothing.