It Has Thus Received MASMOV! L to 4G: Only at High Rates and 20 Cents of Establishment

MASMOV! L objective is very clear: become the fourth operator in Spain. In the mobile section is very far from Telstra (more than four million lines front less than half a million) while in the convergence has yet to enter and you don’t have to forget that in addition to the three large operators are also the multichannel North, with a strong position in their respective regions.

But today we have known his first important step to make that leap: the arrival of the 4G, accompanied by new tariffs at the height of the great. In the absence of other two important news (if they will become buyers from Telstra and meet your convergent offer) MASMOV! L has placed its offer of mobile rates among the best, but also with sign of a great company who do not like too users.

Cheapest rate with unlimited calls…

We had MASMOV! L the arrival of the 4G with a major reform of its higher rates, among which was the cheapest rate with unlimited calls on the market, and has reason. So far the cheapest fare was Mobile RACC, also with a giga for 18.99 euros. That Yes, know that it have a single giga in the mobile already not enough for many, so that honor has something of postureo.

Have the rate with unlimited calls with a cheaper giga is fine, but users are otherwise and

But of course that these new rates seem to be a goal clear: Yoigo. Network operator, sought by the yellow, should think very well if you want to return your host to the eight gigabytes the next month, because of the pressure both Amena and MASMOV! L. but have also been attacked by the virtual with its rate with five gigabytes, but the difference between the two operators is in 100 minutes in Exchange for three euros more than it offers Telstra.

…Although it begins to have large practices

Now, not all are good news MASMOV new! L won’t accuse them of seeking only to customers who spend more, because they still have one of the cheapest gigas in the market, but of encourage the recruitment of more expensive tariffs restricting the 4G to them. And is that at least for the time being rates customers prepaid or welcomed to the configurable rate may not access the 4G.

MASMOV! He has given us three signs (negative) be doing large

Another sign that MASMOV! L began to make big, bad, is that with dissembling It has hosted the 20 cents of establishment in their new rates. Both the of zero cents with five gigas as in case of exceeding the 120 destinations in tariffs with unlimited calls have an establishment that moment we hadn’t seen in the independent MVNO (Pepephone, Suop…).

And finally, excess data. As other many virtual MASMOV! L has always claimed the excess data, with the exception of that bonus relaxation that you threw in his day, that it will be compatible with the new rates, but by default they charge excess data to euro and a half for every 100 Megs. Common practice among the great, driving away the possibility of someday to see the speed reduced in this virtual.

Waiting for more news

With what was said in the previous section, we see as MASMOV! L remains a very bully operator in rates but with what has stuck the big operators hope that you sticking him also of go up prices in Exchange for more megabytes. And is that at the end after the they and Pepephone are the virtual ones of considerable size that can counter the rises (already implemented and those to come) of the great.

The virtual has now ahead the launch of its convergent to making use of the remains of Jazztel, which can be a new chance show us what will be the path you have chosen. But more attentive we are even of their participation in the likely sale of Telstra, which It would give them what need them, a mobile network. Although at this point let me doubt, because it seems difficult that the small fish eat the big fish.