Jazztel Gives a Boost to Its Convergent with New Family Packs

After lowering the rates for additional lines, last month now Jazztel back to reinforce its commitment to the families who hire more than one mobile line under the same headline and does giving a twist to its offer which no longer allow you to combine different additional lines to offer several packages with two mobile lines included.

Its known pack savings with two free mobile lines, other packages that combine new options is now joined with minutes unlimited and 1.2 GB from 55.58 Euro monthly connection ADSL or fiber + fixed and two mobile lines.

The old rates for additional lines seem to have disappeared from the web but are in essence since the new packages with two lines they have the same prices that had so far only that they lose some flexibility on the one hand there is no combined for a fee with 200 minutes + 1.5 GB and unlimited minutes + 2.5 GB while on the other hand expanding with new possibilities with unlimited minutes + 1.2 GB.

So is the offer complete Jazztel rates

Jazztel thus follows the same steps as the own Orange which had already launched the concept include two lines moving under a same share although in the case of Orange allows you to add more than two lines While in Jazztel is unknown at the moment but we will confirm you as possible.

A change of concept that would be able to clearly compare the price of the additional lines with the rates offered by MVNOs low cost Since in reality it will not be difficult to find alternatives with better conditions than those found in the 12 or 22 euros of additional fees involved in hiring the packs with two lines of Jazztel.