LG Propagates Waterproof Version of Optimus G

LG Optimus G-smart phone is also available in a waterproof version. LG begins to spread it, but only provisionally on the Asian market.

Last week Sony presented a waterproof smartphone in the form of Xperia ZR, but LG is also on the bandwagon.

According to our site thus, LG has issued invitations to a press event in Taiwan, where Optimus GJ will be launched. It happens on 22. may.

Optimus GJ was supposed to be a waterproof version of the LG-flagship Optimus g. most specifications are ostensibly the same, but now you can let your phone be in 30 minutes on a meters depth without fears.

LG has in fact already sent a waterproof version of the Optimus (G) on the market in Japan (see picture number two above). At the present time, joins the story sadly nothing about whether more countries will follow after the launch in Taiwan.