Lycamobile Gets into The Television Market in Its Own Way, with Channels in Other Languages

The fight between big operators in recent years has focused on convergence, specifically going to television since last summer. The purchase of Canal + by Movistar has meant a revolution, by the new distribution channels, leaving many operators out of that fight and rights.

And Lycamobile who dares to get in the television market, but in their own way. LycaTV is available for any person, client or not by the operator, with offer divided by languages, According to the chosen account with different number of channels, which can be seen through a decoder or different devices, live or prerecorded.

Lycamobile is mainly aimed at foreigners living in Spain, being its strong international calls, and that is also the audience looking for with LycaTV. The offer is divided in different packs of channels by regions or languages: African, Chinese, filipino, Greek, Polish, Korean, Vietnamese, tamil and Sinhala.

All packs (with different numbers of channels) has a price of 14.99 euros per month or 99 euros a year, except in the Philippine case, amounting to 17.90 euros per month or 179,00 EUR per year. In either case, pay the full year in advance in addition to the savings that offers this option the user also receives free a decoder specific for service, that with the monthly subscription cost 65 euros.

In direct or last seven days

LycaTV offers live channels, although, as usual in other operators of television services, it also offers to access broadcasts from the last seven days. Purchase the decoder is not necessary, since it can also be accessed by smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry, in addition since desktop systems, Roku, Amazon Fire Chromecast.

Therefore, are facing a choice clearly aimed at foreign audience but with a different bet, that does not generate greater links between the user and the operator, and it also offers many options to access the service, since it is compatible with more devices than televisions from other operators.