Merry Christmas With The Nokia 1661-The Simple Mobile Compared To The Samsung e1080 And Lg Kp100!

Who nowadays goes not with the advances of cell phones and smartphones, will have a hard to deal with high-tech equipment. Internet, Geotagging and emails check, it must be on a cell phone ? The Christmas sales hit Nokia 1661 remedy!

Simple mobile phone with basic functions

The mobile phone of Nokia waives excessive functions. The functions that are possible are practical and easy to use. It is a robust bar phone that is equipped with a good TFT display and great keyboards. The display measures 1.8 inches and resolves with 128 × 160 pixels. The alarm clock with voice output has a quick access.

The Nokia 1661 leaves anyone in the dark!

With the built-in flashlight every keyhole in the dark is a trifle. Who does not know it? Long, long time at the party, with the car home, pitch dark and close up! A light with a flashlight.

The Nokia 1661 is virtually unbreakable by the monoblock! So at least it has the advantage that it times can fall down without to shatter into several parts! This practical mobile phone with additional FM radio is there at Our site phones online cheap buy for just 35.95 euro without contract! Who is more interested in a contract, be helped with Our site mobile phones buy cheap online . The individual contracts, there are also accessories such as a Nintendo Wii or a notebook.

These offers are similar to the Samsung E1080. Like the Nokia 1661 , it boasts its simplicity and the robust monobloc. The phone by Samsung is only significantly lighter in comparison. With just 65 grams to 82 grams of Nokias. The standby are significantly less than the 1661. 120 hours are only a quarter of those, which shows off the easy mobile phone from Nokia. The consultation hours differ accordingly also, but not as akkut. 170 minutes of the E1080 compete here with 250.

E1080 compared with the in 1661 by Nokia

It is a lighter, as described above. The second advantage weighs more heavily. The mobile phone from Samsung costs just 29.95 euros without a contract. The writing of text messages will go even easier thanks to T9 by hand. For swabs must be made to the approach with 1.4 inch screen. Flashlight and FM radio are functions that have been waived at the E1080. Also this phone is of course to have with Our site mobile phones buy cheap online.

What makes the LG KP100?

The device from LG is considered one dough phone and is therefore also a simple phone that must face the competition from Samsung and Nokia in this article. The most obvious difference is the color. This phone is white and black like the competitors! And it’s shares not the almost identical sizes of the Nokia 1661 and E1080 with dimensions of approx. 110 x 45 x 14 millimeters. It offers some more Pocket comfort because the LG KP100 is slightly smaller. However the three much agree: good readable display, good processes and basic functions. The distinctive characteristics of the three simple phones.

The LG KP100 Datnetransferstandards but has wireless application protocol (WAP) and GPRS, so. The battery has a talk time of up to 600 minutes and thus leaves the competition behind. The price Our site phones online cheap buy is 35.95 euros without a contract in the framework.


Thus, each of these simple phones offers a certain individuality and unique features. But one thing is clear! None of these phones will overwhelm the user or anger thanks to additional functions. Rock-solid mobile phones to send text messages and phone calls. Actually, what these devices felt centuries ago been invented! Merry Christmas wishes Our site mobile phones buy cheap online!