Motorola Backflip-The Slightly Different Touchscreen Smartphone With Motoblur And Fold-Out Keyboard!

The Motorola backflip is a Smartphone that is setting new standards with respect to the combination of mobile phone and keyboard. The keyboard is not as usual to ride out the slide feature, but is folded back to front. More complicated sounds as it is, in any case, the QWERTY keyboard positioned as usual under the touchscreen. Then, the overall picture is similar to a kind of mini laptop. Convince the other features, the only point of criticism is the now now-obsolete version 1.5 of Google.

Just only innovative!

This new fold-out feature of the Motorola backflips is innovative without a doubt. To be but not the only difference from a “normal” slider phone. By flipping the keyboard the Smartphone when charging the battery without cable clutter can be used perfectly. Also start the Motorola backflip without balance problems thanks to the foldable keyboard comfortably on the table, which you can see videos and pictures. Accordingly the mobile can be in the evening prepared as an alarm clock by it shows a large digital clock and of course has an alarm clock function. Basically, it falls under the name Klapp wouldmobile, but in my opinion deserve a proper name for this innovation.


Motoblur is the user interface. Motoblur has the striking advantage with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and co. to synchronize and to inform on a home screen about the important news. This is really very helpful and saves the user a lot of time. So that the backflip has Wi-Fi and UMTS support and provides HSDPA for fast mobile Internet comes of course. The Smartphone delivers the essential news reliable thanks to perfect synchronization and can be used otherwise the time gained with the Motorola Backflip.

More facilities

For example with the integrated camera with 5 megapixel camera and LED flash. The photos can be uploaded then easily on the Web or on YouTube. An image stabiliser and autofocus can also still so clumsy snapshot look good. In addition the features Motorola backflip the possibility of geotagging. Who can start now at all nothing to do with this term, can buy online cheap mobile phones on Our site – in the Mobile encyclopedia information. Prerequisite for geotagging is an integrated GPS module. Thus, also the next detour due to the uncertainty of the path should be spared. On a Smartphone, MP3 player never be missing. To listen then and the desired favorite titles, the Android Smartphone offers 2 GB of internal memory. Should the music taste over all directions sprinkle themselves and carry the internal memory of the repertoire is not sufficient, it can be via mcroSD-card up to 32 GB expand. Should be bored in spite of the almost all-embracing repertoire remedy is provided with the radio.

“Only” Google Android 1.5

This version of the operating system of the search engine giant Google is almost antique. Cupcake, so will this version 1.5 called, has now a large number of followers and is not currently for a such a Smartphone .However this restriction is contained by the own Motoblur user interface a bit. It should also soon update to the version of Eclair 2.1, so appear, what indicates here on Our site.

Back to scroll

A good idea is the touch sensitive back of the Motorola backflips. The additional touch screenfunction proves in terms of reading of received emails and long texts very useful where fingers consequently obscure the reading area not the touch screen. The front-panel display has a diagonal of 7.9 cm and is thus relatively small, but is influenced by the previously described touchpad on the back not much through your fingers.

Smartphones are trendy

It is emerging more and more, that the phone so slowly but surely make way for the Smartphone. Here on Our site, a small evaluation of the monthly statistics from AdMob’s finding. Therefore there are iPhone and Androidgeräte heavily in the trend. Last year, sales of normal mobile phones to 20 percent is fallen and gone by no less than 200 percent of smartphones. And an end to sales of smartphones is not still long in sight. It is probably also won’t take until more people have a Smartphone as on a computer.Since that has appeared right Motorola backflip so even in two respects. The Android phones are something different between the now wide range of smartphones as strongly in the ascendant and the other mentioned’s through innovative design. Of course the backflip offers Our site – buy mobile phones online and is curious how the ewtas other smartphone by Motorola is placed on the market.