Motorola’s Comeback In The European Mobile Market With The Smartphone Milestone?

Motorola was rather less successful in recent years in the European mobile market. Sales declined in contrast to those in the United States. With the new Motorola Milestone, they bring a Smartphone out, which can be measured qualitatively with the competitors. But the most important difference is a quite crucial: the price. The low price, Motorola tried to gain a foothold in the market.

The comeback of Motorola in Europe?

In the U.S., Motorola had in recent years of fewer problems with the sale of mobile phones. An important point is that are popular in Europe of flaps phones of less than on the American continent. So, Motorolaon the ranking of the sales of all mobile manufacturers worldwide slipped to end 2008 on the fourth place.

Due to these facts, Motorola invested their latest smartphones whopping 100 million dollars in the advertising campaign. In the United States, the piece is called droid, it is available in Europe under the name milestone. The large investment in the advertising seem to be paying off: the number of sold copies is racing on a million mark to. The world’s first mobile phone with the Betriebsstyem Android 2.0 is also the narrowest slider mobile phone with slim 13.7 mm deep!

From Motorola’s perspective, this is of course a successful step, critics raise but also their voices; the price was too low, make the market break. Annoying for the competitive, profitable for the manufacturer.

What is smartphones waived when compared to other?

Actually nothing. The Smartphone has even managed to occupy an outstanding third place in a business mobile phone test of 36 mobile phones. Particularly noteworthy is the extremely fast with 10.2 Mbps HSDPA: thus, surfing on the Internet is really fun. As the first mobile phone ever, the milestone enjoys the privilege, to be equipped with Android 2.0. The main improvements of the installers are the clear menu guidance, Bluetooth 2.0 and well structured bringing together multiple E-Mail accounts.

A Smartphone this class do without but also a 5-megapixel camera, USB 2.0, GPS, Wi-Fi and a good multimedia equipment. The great resolution of 480 x 854 pixels is hardly so surprised with its 3.7 inch, one of the largest, the touch screen. Videos rendered in HD quality look just great.

Without any small imperfections but also this slider phone does not come out: the tenderness of the full QWERTY keyboard was criticized for various tests. Also, some photos that were shot with the 5-Megpixel camera rustled. Occasional cracking while taking advantage of the hands-free kit is another minus point.

Because this Smartphone at a price of less than €450 without contract is to ewerben, it has ahead a lot many Mitsreitern. The iPhone competitor is to have of course also with contract, E.g. at Our site- buy cell phones online.