Movistar Is Giving Away Trips to Quito and Bogota with World Movistar

For months, Movistar has a called service in its official distributor World Movistar. With it, customers can pay in Spain a mobile phone and make that family or friends collected in Ecuador, Colombia and Morocco without any cost for them, taking advantage of that Movistar has presence in these countries (under its own brand in the first two cases, and under the name Meditel in the third).

Phones currently offered Nokia 1600, Nokia 6070 y Motorola C122 for Colombia; Motorola C139, Motorola C261 o Motorola C116 for Ecuador and Siemens A70, Sony Ericsson J100 o Nokia 1110 for Morocco. All include free balance depending on the current offer, in addition to other products such as messages for free.
In addition, operator Telefónica has decided to promote this service dodging two people two trips to Bogota and Quito two among all clients who purchase their phones for Colombia and Ecuador, respectively, by December 15. The draw will take place on 23 January and the winners will be notified by Movistar in the days following.

The actions of the program world Movistar do not stay here: the already discussed rate without borders (which allows to call other movistar of Latin America at the price of a Spanish Movistar) joins customers to Movistar in Colombia, for example, because they can do the same with relatives in Ecuador.

Movistar intends to go by joining their countries of action, taking advantage of that immigration to Spain comes precisely from areas where it is very present, something which may not cough you its competitor Vodafone, which is not in Latin America. In fact, one of the next services of world Movistar seems to be recharge phones from other countries: the option is already in the client area of the website of the operator.