Movistar Renews His Plans of Companies and Freelancers with Flat Rates and New Contracts

Movistar This month of may change some aspects of your Business and individual contracts. Seems that, though timidly, the concept of fee flat is coming to our operators. At the moment, offers a multitude of rates “flat” (although with minute time limit): mobile MoviStar, to fixed, both for weekends, messages… would take much to see similar products in the particular sector, for example, a flatrate to numbers from “My five”? I do not think that much.

The novelties that have contracts for professionals are as follows:

“Movistar flat rate and fixed” (for contract companies), “autonomous Movistar and fixed” (for autonomous contract).With these modules, 99 euros a month will have 1000 minutes (or 500 calls) bound to mobile Movistar and fixed national, throughout the day. Calls to other operators will cost 10.2 cents per minute (with the ubiquitous surcharge of 6 cents to Yoigo and Euskaltel).

Flat rate schedule OfficeMonthly fee of 75 euros, which includes 1000 minutes or 500 calls to mobile Movistar from 8 to 20 hours. Calls to other operators, 10.2 cents per minute (with extra charge of 6 cents to Yoigo and Euskaltel).

Flat rate numbers multilineFee of 5 euros per month. It allows to make 1000 minutes or 500 calls to other numbers the same company Movistar having also contracted this rate flat.

Flat rate freelancers weekend5 euros per month, provides customers with contract of autonomous 1000 minutes or 500 calls to mobile Movistar during Saturdays and Sundays.

There are more flat rates, click on continue reading to see them.Fixed flat rateMonthly fee of € 18, which includes 1000 minutes or 500 calls to fixed national, at any time and day, for contracts companies and freelancers.

Bonus minutes Movistar multiline400 euro monthly fee, we will have 2000 minutes per month (or 1000 calls) mobile MoviStar, for customers with contract companies.

Module 3G Movistar and fixed multilineFor a fee of 5 euros per month, call Movistar and fixed started in 3G network will come out cheaper: 7.2 cents minute; or by 10.02 if it starts in 2 G coverage. Contracts for companies.

Module chosen numbersYou can choose 5 national, fixed or mobile numbers of any operator, and for 3 euros per month from each chosen number fee, will pay 8 cents minute by calling them (or 14 if it’s Nos Yoigo and Euskaltel). For freelancers and companies.

Flat rate internal messagesFor 6 euros per month you can send 500 SMS and 500 MMS Movistar numbers from the same company, for companies, freelancers, and my business contracts. There is also a version multiline, which is the monthly fee of 3 euros but free only apply to other lines with the same module.