Movistar Will Feature a Customer Ombudsman

It was already announced a few months ago and we finally have the news of your boot. Telefónica It has put into service a customer advocacy office, where will be channeled claims of Telefonica of Spain, Movistar and Terra. This will be the last resort, where will come the dissatisfied customers after putting a claim on any of the three companies and disagree with the answer or have not received within 30 days.

The resolution of this office will be binding for the company, although the customer may have recourse if you are not agree (not against the Defender but through the channels of the Administration). Claims must be treated on the services offered by the operator (does not apply to products or services of third parties, such as the SMS premium of other companies), for claims that have not been managed by official bodies and which do not exceed $ 10,000.
The complaint must be made in writing (soon you can manage electronically with digital signature) to the following address:

Gran Vía, 28 28013 Madrid

We hope that this good news gives its fruits and complaints towards the operator have a response fairly and quickly. An initiative that would do well to adopt other companies, because in view of the data that provide consumer associations, telephony is the sector with the largest number of claims, and curiously, Movistar is the lowest index presents them, despite having the largest market share in Spain.