Nail Polish and Lipsticks, More Orders of Rede Globo

As usual the Viewer service center of Rede Globo Television, a new list was released to tell the public what are the Nail Polish and lipsticks 2015 more orders of the characters of the novels.

And it seems that the telespectadoras are already inside the “dark shades in winter and vibrant in the summer”, because the color that led, in the question was Orange glaze!

Nail Polish and lipsticks 2015:


  1. The character Fernanda Souza, Honey “the rule of the game” was responsible for enchant with the color on the nails, so present and funny as she is.
  2. The Tóia character, played by Vanessa Giácomo, also in “the rules of the game”, a second version of the color of the enamel that also impressed.
  3. Jewelry enamel of the character played by Soraya, Letícia Spiller in “I Love Paraisópolis”. The product features a metallic color between Brown and silver.
  4. The nail art of Giovanna Antonelli who plays the character Athena in “the rules of the game” turned into passion between the telespectadoras and joined the list of the most wanted. The contrast are glazes “Black” and “Dull”, both of Colorama.

Already among the lipsticks were highlights for:

  1. Lilac Bio Genetyc.

The lipstick used during the early part of the novel “beyond time” by Melissa character, played by Jackie, has a striking shade of purple that accompanied the villain for the plot.

  1. Ruby Woo of M.A.C.

Once again the character Tóia was among the most requested, due to the intense red lipstick that accompanied the character in looks.

  1. Blankety of M.A. C

The character Soraya back to be cited, this time by the elegant and discreet lipstick that combines with the character.

4.22 of Lune

Once again the lipstick nude draws attention of telespectadoras, now on the lips of the character Athena, who is cited.

  1. Diva of M.A.C.

Also a member of the cast of “I Love Paraisópolis”, the character Margot, presents a wine that could not pass unnoticed.

  1. All Fired Up from M.A.C.

Used by the Paulucha character of Fabíula Birth the pink lipstick has appeared on previous lists and remains among the most desired, and could not be different, isn’t it?

What did you think of the nail polish and lipsticks 2015 of celebrities? Like trends? Would use any of them? Tell us!