Nexus 4 Sale: So You Get Back 100 Euro

Who have smartphones to expensive and cheap models too lean were, coming to the nexus 4 (test Note: 2.03) hardly over. Google has lowered the Smartphone with pure Android operating system to a whopping 100 euros in the price. So there’s the eight-gigabyte model now for €199 (instead of €299) and the version with 16 gigabytes for 249 euro (instead of 349 euros).

Still the old price paid?

Everyone in the butt, who has paid the nexus 4 still to the old price bites down probably at great discount. Anyone? No, because if you get the Google Smartphone most recently about the play store have ordered the 100-euro difference in just a few steps back. Important: The purchase will not be back maximum 15 days (date is the 12th August 2013), only then the Google price guarantee apply. You have time, will refund the money until September 10. How it works:

So nexus-4-buyers get back 100 euro

On Google you einloggenMelden at first located in your Google account. This can be done through one of the various Google services about Gmail.
The AntragsformularRufen you the price guarantee Web page by Google on.
Eight or 16 GigabyteWählen the nexus-4 model from the top drop-down menu.
ZahlensalatTippen the order number into the next field. For the different patterns in the circulation, it consists of followed by a period and a 16-digit number, for example, a number of 20. Then check whether the number is correct. A typing error usually leads to the rejection of the application.
IMEI eintippenNun follows the device number, IMEI also called. You can find them on the SIM card holder, or alternatively, in the system settings under settings > phone > phone.
KaufdatumZum final calls Google click to enter the date of purchase of your nexus 4. Come to the and click on send. Google will reimburse the difference after verification of the application within 14 days from the.

Successor rumors

Discount fueling rumors to succeed: Will Google his camp empty? See all rumors to the nexus-4-successor to the post Google nexus 5: looks as the successor of the nexus 4?. Also new in the play store: the 2013 version of the nexus 7. The editorial has already tried out the seven inch lightweight:

nexus 7 (2013) in the practice test: now even faster and sharper

Google nexus 4

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