Norton Mobile Security: Theft Lock on Android Smartphones Failed

A feast for data thieves

Now more personal data than traditional journals could ever hold snooze on Smartphones and tablets. We write intimate messages on them, do banking and also the browsing history reveals everything about your life. No other device so many personal details your entire digital identities are only a few clicks away. The Smartphone is lost, not only is expensive piece of hardware to mourn. In the wrong hands, your information may do far worse damage. To the data on mobile devices to protect, have several corresponding to corporate security apps on sale.

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Security leak protection is ineffective

Reason enough for the specialists at AV-Comparatives in collaboration with COMPUTER image the assurances of the industry on the tooth to feel. In the case of Norton Mobile Security Suite from Symantec security researchers this made a surprising discovery: A code defect results in experienced hands to handle the entire protection function within a few seconds.

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Holey LockScreen

Your Smartphone is lost, provides the mobile security suite from Symantec the option to lock your device remotely via SMS notification. Then, a lock screen protects your data from unauthorized access. Android E9 criminals however opens the gates to your data. A click on the integrated emergency button and pressing the back button release the entire unit for about half a second. The device remembers the called screen fast users so after navigate through the menus. Succeeded the testers on this way to uninstall the Security Suite and completely to bypass the protection feature. Here, the testers missed also a password protection, which prevents the easy uninstall of the app would have.

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Symantec promises quick update

In an opinion opposite COMPUTER image assured the manufacturer already to work on a solution to the problem. Users of Norton Mobile security should the patch via the update function of the program as quickly as possible get. Until when is the security leak, Symantec could not say. Depending on the severity of the error, extensive changes to the code are necessary under certain circumstances. Also, the subsequent quality assurance take some time, so that the delivery of the update may take some time.

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As long as Symantec do not repair, COMPUTER advises all users image the LockScreen lock their Android smartphones. Only an input of a number codes or a wiping gesture then releases the access to the device. Although also offers no 100-percent protection, to the dismay of opportunity thieves however the lock should be sufficient.