OnePlus X Could Be Retired: Goodbye to The Only Average Range of OnePlus (Updated)

In the last quarter of last year OnePlus pulled out a range media which pleased a lot of people, the OnePlus X, both by its hardware design, much more elegant than the first two generations. Priced according to what subsidiary of Oppo we had used, many people, even to this day, would be buy this terminal.

If you go to the official website of OnePlus to be made with a OnePlus X, possibly meets the unpleasant surprise that some users have encountered when trying to buy one that there is no stock. This would not be rare if it wasn’t for the fact that you have received an email asking for apologies and saying that is not expected that the stock is restored.

It is curious how this terminal only It lasted about 8 months on the market and so lauded as it has been, to disappear as soon. In the official Forum several have already had confirmation of their respective countries that OnePlus X will not be manufacturing. Therefore, if you had planned to buy a OnePlus X, it is late.

This maneuver makes it even clearer that the Chinese manufacturer had announced to focus on OnePlus 3, the year coming in OnePlus 4, and so on. Depending on the brand, they prefer to focus on getting a single outstanding product a year which take several good. We’ll see if this gives them good result or not.

OnePlus has clarified that still do not have stopped manufacturing all models OnePlus x

Today OnePlus people has jumped to the fore clarifying this fact, and it is that only I was going to disappear the variant color champagne This OnePlus x. As for the other two colors (Onyx and ceramic) still may be purchased during the next few months. That Yes, the stock is limited.

Information that occurred yesterday said at no time nothing of a specific color (even in the forums), and it seems everyone who reported this lack of stock were hacnerse with the same color of the terminal. Therefore, if you are not a lover of the golden color, still have a few months to buy a OnePlus X before, this time Yes, stop manufacturing it.