Samsung Galaxy Note 7, What We Know and What Surprises Could Be Give Us The New Giant of Samsung?

The most anticipated moment mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 7, He has starred in countless rumors and leaks in recent months and its official launch is just around the corner, specifically on August 2 as it confirmed the company does just a few days.

The next phablet of Samsung has given much to talk about, so much so that almost no longer is no unknown by reveal. We know how to be his design, its technical features, new functions of your stylus and up to sensors that will take, although clear, that leaks knows Samsung could still have some ACE in the sleeve. We make a review of the hottest rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

New name to unify ranges

This has been one of the most oft-repeated rumors for several weeks, and Samsung confirmed it in the invitations for the Unpacked event on 2 August. If we follow the logical order, the next Note should be called Samsung Galaxy Note 6, but the South Korean brand they want that their two main ranges will at the same time, that is why they have decided to skip the six and go directly for the seven.

The first Samsung Galaxy S came out in 2010 and the series Note was born in 2011, so it has always gone a step behind the main range. With this change unifying numbering so Note and Galaxy S go in hand now.

Display and design: total bet by curves

Samsung last year was inspired by the S6 Galaxy for the creation of the Galaxy Note 5, we saw in its materials with this aluminum and glass structure covering both sides. For this reason at the beginning We assume that equal to the S7, Note 7 would come in two versions; a curved screen and one with flat screen.

If the predictions do not fail (and many have been to that point in this direction) Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come in a single version with dual screen edge, i.e., both sides curved screen.

About the size of the panel seems to be consensus that will increase to 5.8 inch, but it is possible that keeping the 5.7 inch Why Samsung is betting time. There is consensus on what is QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels).

Returning to the design, and judging from the renderings and pictures filtered Samsung continue the same line that we saw in the S7 Galaxy, with a slight curve in the rear to improve the grip. In addition, it will be the first Note to count with IP68 certificate of water resistance.

More Biometrics: iris scanner

This is undoubtedly the feature that has most given that talk in recent weeks and all indications point to that Note 7 will have a scanner of iris integrated onto the screen. Biometrics is the most secure method to identify users and already habitual fingerprint sensor is added to this scanner, according to the leaked so far will be used to unlock the phone.

In fact, the images on these lines, which by the way were leaked in Weibo, show the operation of this sensor to unlock the device. To access the content will have to place the phone at about 25-30 cm in the face and make sure that the eyes are framed within the two circles. I have very clear that it will be a very convenient method and I believe that most will continue to use the release by mark, but it could be interesting face to other possible applications and make payments or protect applications.

An improved S-Pen

The stylus Pen S is the spirit of the Samsung phablets, What makes the Note “Note”, and Samsung would have improved this accessory with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We saw that with the Note 5 they were not very fine and S Pen was left embedded in its slot when inserting it in the wrong orientation, so this would be the first problem to solve.

In addition, Samsung would have enhanced the resistance of your stylus to better withstand the use and the passage of time. But there remains everything S Pen could also count on any extra function in Air Command focused on the translation of texts.

Height specifications

But he has not spoken about design and new features, the technical section has also been subject to speculation and today we have a fairly clear idea as Note 7 could be. There is nothing confirmed, but there are sufficient data to develop a provisional technical specifications.



SCREEN Super AMOLED 5.7/5.8 inch Resolution QHD 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
PROCESSOR Exynos 8893 Quad-core 2.6 GHz + quad – core 1.6 GHz / 821 Snapdragon Dual-core 2.3 GHz Kryo + dual – core 1.6 GHz Kryo
MEMORY 64/128/256 GB + MicroSD UFS
CAMERAS Rear: 12 MP, AF detection phase, OIS, lens f/1.7, 4K videos Front: 5 MP, f/1.7 lens
CONNECTIVITY 4g, WiFi 2.4 + 5 GHz, 4.2 Bluetooth, GPS, USB-C
BATTERY 3600 / 4000 mAh

On the processor, Samsung would repeat the formula usual released a version with chip’s own manufacture, which in this case would be a Exynos 8893, and another with a Qualcomm processor, which could be the newly announced Snapdragon 821. Both models would go along with 6 GB of RAM and could get in versions of 64, 128 and 256 GB. About removable storage also talked about and this terminal could be the first to release the UFS system that announced the mark a few days ago.

In terms of cameras, Samsung gave the nail on the head with the S7, and your camera is one of the most prominent of the mobile landscape. If something works, what change it?. All indications are that Note 7 will have the same configuration as the flagship brand: rear 12-megapixel sensor with pixel detection phase and front sensor of 5 megapixel camera, both with lens f/1.7 to take advantage of the light.

Connections can expect the usual features a surprise: the port USB-C. According to the leaked so far images, Note 7 will be the first terminal of the company passed to the USB-C standard that offers faster transfers and a faster load. Speaking of load, Note 7 battery would have 3600 mAh, Although there are voices pointing to the 4,000 mAh by what you will have to wait the presentation out of doubt.

What’s new in software

Note 7 be responsible for brand new new interface dubbed Grace UX leaked several weeks ago. The company has simplified some sections as the quick settings menu to make way for a clean and uncluttered appearance, but without giving up the personalization.

Will having themes, icons packs and more options to accent different from the system, but it also created new features as the shortcuts to Force style touch, but rather than run with the pressure we exert on the screen you would normally do with a gesture of slide up.

Price and availability

August 2 has been sounding since it makes enough as the date of submission of the Note 7, but it was not until a few days ago when we were able to confirm it officially. Samsung sent invitations for the Unpacked event which will be held next August 2 in New York.

On the price there is nothing confirmed, but rumors suggest that the most basic model will cost a whopping 849 euros, although there are other clues that point to 799 euros. In any case one thing clear, and is that Note 7 will not be a terminal cheap. The sales could begin the day of your presentation, Although it is almost certain that they will do so in United States to gradually expand territories.

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could come from the hand of a few new virtual reality Gear VR goggles They give away them as they did with the S7? Already there is less out of doubt.