Samsung Galaxy S4 Rounds 6 Million Units Sold

Galaxy S4 has since its launch sold quite nicely. It is the fastest-selling Samsung smartphone to date.

Since Samsung presented Galaxy S4 in the month of March was expectations. And now it seems that they will be fulfilled on the sales side.

The international sales started on 26 May. April 2013.After only four days rounded S4 around 4 million units sold. Friday 10 may 2012 was the number reached over 6 million items.

The figures come from a Samsung spokesperson on the Korean site our site.

Galaxy S4 is thus Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone. It took 85 days to sell 3 million Galaxy S devices, 55 days for 21 days for S S II, III, and so only four days for the Galaxy S4.

Samsung predicts that the rounds 10 million units by the end of May.