Schedule For All-Keeps Track of Your Appointments

New application that helps you keep track of everything from training, working for the children’s school schedules.

Application Schedule For All is developed from scratch by the only 15 year old Peter Larsen, who himself has designed the application.

You can use the application to keep track of your appointments. Whether it’s training, employment or school schedule you want to keep track of. The application is also good for parents when there must be kept track of the children’s schedules – you can have 3 different forms of Schedule For All.

The idea for the application occurred by Peter Larsen often can’t remember what subjects he must have in school when he must pack the bag. Schedule For All are faster to access than, for example, Elevintra. After quest in Apple’s App Store found Peter Larsen also out, that it was not all schema applications, which was intended for all schools.

The application has also been underway in some time and is developed in the PeteAreMe Production company.

-“At the beginning I played just a little with some different things to learn coding. Then I discovered what I lacked in my everyday life and began to design and develop Schedule For All. And since I’m not familiar with coding language and program Schedule For all in so I designed, it has taken a bit of time. All in all, it has taken 4-5 months and a lot of long nights of coding, “says Peter L to

Schedule Of All, however, is probably not the last application we get seen from Peter L.

-“Schedule For All is my first application, and I’m actually quite proud of it. Right now is I head to soak for more ideas. I myself have a lot of ideas, as I work with – but also like to receive great ideas from others, “concludes Peter L.

You can download the application Schedule For All for 7 dollars in Apple’s App Store.