Shock Gun Taser 128 Million Volts w, Function Led Flashlight

Now with 128 Million Volts

Taser 128000kv w/Led Flashlight
New Model, Even Stronger

Ideal for personal defense, used by police officers, security guards
And people who need to defend against aggressors,
To prevent accidental discharge.

Important:This appliance is for personal defense. Is advised
Flee from the aggressor from the moment it was paralyzed.
When the unit is in contact for more than 4 seconds it drops
The aggressor, it will return to normal in about 40 seconds.

Built-in rechargeable, lightweight, compact and easy to use battery.

How to Use Your Shock Machine Move the on/off switch (on the side of the device) to the on position to turn on the device,The led will turn red indicating that the unit is ready for use according to, with the unit unlocked,Simply press the round button, that your shock machine will emit a spark between your two Electrodes and will produce a high noise characteristic of the electric discharge.When the device is placed on the aggressor, both the spark and the noise will no longer be emitted.This means that the offender is being electrocuted.   Pain and momentary paralysis in the affected area; The contact of the appliance for 4 seconds or more,Will paralyze the attacker, causing him to lose his balance and become disoriented. Important This appliance is for personal defense.It is advised to flee the aggressor from the moment it was paralyzed.  When the device stays in contact for more than 4 seconds and knocks down the attacker,   It will return to normal in about 40 seconds.

Main characteristics:

– Input voltage:110-240V (bi-volt)  – Product Dimensions: Length 10,5Cm 5.5cm wide Height 2.5Cm  – Weight: 130g  – 90 day warranty

The package includes:

– 01 128000kv Shock Gun with LED Flashlight Function
– 01 Power cable for recharging
– 01 Original Product Box
– 01 Sheath / Hood with belt clip to carry the taser