Simyo Returns to The Rates Schedules with Two Bonds of Voice and Data Valid Only at Night

Do you remember when rates were schedules? Call out the most economical time slot was a very important peak, by which many times us stayed looking at the clock to give the 18 or 20 hours so she began the schedule more cheap to call.

And that time already seemed overcome again. Simyo is which dares to experiment with the return of schedules, but the oddest thing of all is in addition to minutes only valid at night, also offering a bonus of schedule data. That Yes, the prices of these bonds are much cheaper than bonds for all day.

100 minutes for 0.99 euros or a giga for 1.99 euros. The prices of those bonds have no competition in any operator, although the trick is that they can only be spent from 22:30 to 8:00 every day of the week. These are the new options of Simyo, which in its bid to the configurable rate with different bonds has decided to try to recover schedules.

Risky but interesting experiment

It is rare that after several years of banishment from the rates schedule these again now, but whether that timetable means that bonds welcome receive this important reduction in its price. What We miss It is that Simyo is not lengthened the timetable of these bonds to all day on weekends and public holidays.

Anyway, Simyo night bonds seem to be an experiment. The schedule is reduced timetables that were used years ago, although price may be worthwhile, especially for those who does not have WiFi connection at home. But land most curious of all is that you launch data with time bonus, something that we don’t remember having ever seen. Risks but interesting bet.