Small, Cheap and Convenient: Tips When Purchasing a NetBook

As mobile calculator version tablets are currently in vogue. They are a fashion accessory, versatile and powerful. The Super flat Ultrabooks offer more power and have a proper keyboard. However, they are priced in higher regions. Netbooks can be an interesting alternative: the devices are small and light as tablets, resemble a notebook. but by your PC’s operating system and the keyboard rather

A question of the processor AMD or Intel?

Has allowed third-generation Atom processors the company manufacturers, to build extremely flat Netbooks coming out even without a fan. The new atom Netbooks are suitable for multi media and have a HDMI output. The big manufacturers have Netbooks with Intel atom and AMD processors in the program. AMD CPUs are similar to sparingly as the Intel atom and offer a comparable computing power. In terms of graphics performance, AMD is however slightly ahead: play full HD videos and also playback Blu-ray movies on an external drive no problem represent. should they

Test: The best Netbooks

Battery question who holds the longest by?

Mobility is a crucial advantage of Netbooks over the larger notebooks not only in terms of weight: the battery life also plays a crucial role. Most of the current NetBook processors work very sparingly, so operating times of six hours and more accessible. The endurance primarily depends on the capacity of the battery. If you want to buy a NetBook primarily for mobile use, so also ensure battery performance.

Test: the best Netbooks

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NetBook cheap must be not cheap

Used equipment are always an alternative, if you are looking for a bargain. However, in many cases, there is always the danger that you be a an outdated processor, no current connection standards, or a worn out battery in the PC sector. Netbooks worth the search for a new model: there are new devices under 200 euros already at prices. If you are looking for a versatile NetBook, pick up a device of the renowned manufacturers with current processor technology. One gigabyte memory is the minimum standard, and a hard drive with at least 250 gigabytes. For a price of between 250 and 350 euro, you should find an acceptable device.