Telecable Also Raises Fees in Exchange for More Megs in Their Rates for Second Lines

Raise the quotas of existing rates in Exchange for more megs is fashionable among operators, however much that irritate users. It would be easy to allow eligible for customers among its always rate or the “improved” but companies they are engaged in that those megs more that we offer, We spend them or not, they suit us.

And that fashion has embraced now telecable. The Millicom asturiana is also informing customers of rates for second quota rises next lines, leveraging to announce the imminent arrival of a new tariff with unlimited calls and five gigas and that It continues to offer 4 G.

Since Zegona, possible purchaser of Yoigo, took command of telecable, the Millicom has been batteries with their mobile rates. Since then, we have seen how came for additional lines and only mobile very interesting rates. But after less than half a year of life, it is time to give a new look to the first.

Both the 9 la and the La 15 they will rise from May 1 at three euros per month, passing the first of 1 to 1.5 gigabytes and 1.3 to 2 gigas the second. Another change affecting both rates is the minutes, which will go down in pricing at 26 cents per minute and 24 cents for call set-up. Likewise, dVOZ 10, a fee to speak, also climbing two euros in Exchange for going from 100 to 150 minutes included.


Current conditions

From 1 may

La 9 200 minutes + 1 GB
9 euros per month
200 minutes + 1.5 GB
12 euros per month
La 15 Unlimited minutes + 1.3 GB
15 euros per month
Unlimited minutes + 2 GB
18 euros per month

New rate “unbeatable” coming soon

In the same letter that communicate the rises, which of course enable users to terminate its contract with telecable, the operator has taken to make a few announcements. The first is the launch of the “unbeatable” tariff, which will include calls and unlimited messages and five gigabytes. Having a similar one with three gigas for 22 euros, it is expected that the new rate does not exceed the 30 euros per month.

On the other hand, telecable also conveyed to that you work continues on the expansion of its wifisfera, the network of WiFi hotspots, which guests can use free of charge. And finally, they also claim to be working to offer 4 G, but without any more details. telecable currently has coverage of Vodafone but on many occasions has been rumored that they would change to Yoigo, reinforced theory now that their owners are close to buying this operator. On this sure we have news soon.