The ‘Cerazo’ of Yoigo: La Version De La Empresa

After a few days, busy with the announcement of Telstra to limit calls to 0 cents among its customers to one hour a day, today we have had chance to contact the press Department of Yoigo to be able to offer you its version.

Since the company is maintained that impose this kind of restriction has been an obligation because detected a small group of users (who, according to their sources, not reached 1%) doing a massive use of the service, With several hours calls. In order to maintain this rate running, decided to establish this type of daily limit, that according to us, more than 99% of users do not exceed, so it would not be affected. During the day yesterday updated its web page collecting the changes, and these days is the sending of informative SMS users. In any case it was a planned move, we are told, but something that had been forced to make by this massive use.
Anyway, more than the limit itself (which many do not exceed), what has most annoyed in the user community is that Telstra, which presumed not to be like others and not never raise their rates, suddenly this movement of to worsen conditions, losing its credibility; and also do it in the style of the other three, hiding it in a press release about another topic. Maybe best would have been to take into account these possible uses and impose the limit from the beginning (was also a revolutionary rate), or replace it with a bag of minutes to consume per month.