The Operators Prepared Their Summer Promotions

Already we’re nearing in mid-June, time starts the launch of summer promotions. And is that a few years we have become accustomed, during the months of July and August (in some cases longer) the operators offer us calls, SMS, messages with photo… cheaper than normal, as at Christmas. The forums already rumored about promotions of Movistar, Orange and Vodafone

Let’s review the summer promotions the last few years and the characteristics that make each company: in recent years Vodafone He has been what has led the baton of innovation. Their summer promotions began being calls and messages to 1 cent. In successive summers, offered 30 minutes at the price of one, offering doubled up to 60 in Christmas. Later, he returned to offer 1 cent calls all day, who joined the launch of the contract 1 and card 1, rates that kept this price in certain time slots. Finally, last year offered calls to other Vodafone paying only the establishment. This year is rumored that it could repeat the promotion adding MP3 downloads, although the only thing that we know is safe is that the high cost 6 euros, being free for some selected customers who recharge 20 euros, according to the MMS who have received some prepaid users:

Orange/Amena He has also been more innovative over the years. Two years ago innovated with “An and no more,” promotion in which only the first call of the day and the rest, were only paid the settlement. Last year, last summer under the brand name Amena, offered free calls on weekends, something less eye-catching but equally helpful. Orange is now faced with its first summer: this Christmas repeated “one and no more” changing the name for “All for one”. He also repeated this summer?

Movistar, Moreover, it seems to use summer promotions to test new modules and show little originality. Throughout these years, has offered to 1 cent to two numbers Movistar (copied from the same promotion of Vodafone, although that did not limit the destinations; which ended up being my favorite); later call 100 minutes paying only one (the famous 100 x 1, copy the 30 x 1 and 60 x 1 of Vodafone, which is now a module of contract savings) and last summer proposed a “summer blue” to call all the Movistar to 3 cents/minute (which is now the Movistar contract). In Exchange, it tends to be the first to launch its promotion, normally on 18 June coinciding with the beginning of the billing cycle.

What bring will in this year? What are your bets?

Update: We already know the promotions of Orange and Movistar.