The Spaniards, to The Latest in The Use of Services Mobiles

According to a report presented by m: metrics comparing the use of the various services in several markets in the year 2006, the Spaniards are different. Although for that no study does not lack.

Stresses that personalization of mobile phones continues upward as well as download games, but has changed the way that the user wants this customization.

In Spain reach the 20% that the ringtones or ringtones us, create it us either with a small program on the PC or with the string of websites that allow you to do it online in 1 minute and free.
It goes without saying that it is illegal not to pay canon SGAE for copyright. And it was clear, the market is saturated with bad quality of ringtones and the penetration of internet in Spain is sufficiently high. And over if give you free… fool the last.

Another fact to note is the acceptance of the ringback, better known as movistar YaVoy. All operators in the world have it. However movistar is a case study in the world of mobile business by the great acceptance that has its service, taking into account that the Spanish market is not very different from Europeans.

The ultimate reason is obvious, the operator turned on the service, both in quality and in advertising being among the first to get it in Europe. Other operators follow him not very close and it is that if you evaluate the contents you see clearly why.

On the other hand you can see in the news from Engadget that the operator this just influencing the black points of statistics.

  • with SMS 2.0 would have to climb the Instant Messaging
  • with sails will undoubtedly rise navigation Internet
  • with Emotitonos the break going to suffer the business of RingTones

Descent personal email and MMS remains.

This is not to say that other operators are not doing so well, but the news highlights the commitment of movistar.

Finally, the tendency is to the subscription as point fidelizador of the customer. Everything is cheaper if you subscribe. See SMS 2.0 and browse for example, or the number of Clubs of content coming from TV. This trend has come to be called produced (product become service).

The clear differentiating effect: If a service through operator is not crackeable. We will see in a few months the effect that are websites that allow you to create your own ringtones for calls and free wallpaper, about the business of the companies content distributors.