There Are Rumours of The HTC Desire 10, 10 a Possible Affordable Version of The HTC

HTC needs to turn its policy and renew itself is no surprise. The Taiwanese company a day occupied the top phone manufacturers today is a giant adrift and even though try do not seem to get out of the well in which have gotten.

But HTC they not surrender and rumors already put a new smartphone on the horizon. His current ship logo, HTC 10, is not reaping the expected success, but yes it is true that it has received very good reviews and in HTC could continue exploiting this concept with a more economic version to which they HTC Desire 10.

Filtration becomes, once again, of the famous tuitero @evleaks, which in addition to being very active in this the rumors often succeed in most cases. HTC Desire 10 would be a continuation of the 10 HTC met last may, but centered in the middle range, which is what most lack makes to the catalog of brand.

We know little of the HTC Desire 10, only it has leaked an image that shows the camera settings and your approximate arrival date, scheduled for end of the third quarter of the year. The device would have a design in matte black tone and details in gold as the ring around the lens back. In addition, your camera would be accompanied by a dual LED flash and what seems to be auto-focus laser, same as the original HTC 10.

A more solid and competitive mid-range It is one of the keys needed for HTC to highlight in the fierce mobile landscape, and at the moment they have failed to do so. Its terminals are too expensive and are becoming more affordable alternatives in the middle ranges of input. HTC Desire 10 could revitalize a much needed middle range, but what of the affordable price remains to be seen.