Toshiba Portege G500 vs. Portege G900-Two High-Tech PDA Compared

Placing side by side the two PDA Toshiba Portege G500 and G900, they work but very similar. Only on second glance, you can see the full, drawable keyboard of the new business PDA Portege G900. One of the first devices, it is equipped with the new Windows Mobile 6 and offers insight into all the important files on its 3-inch screen. So local businesses can easily and simply by traveling managed SD memory card (up to 2 GB), on a mini be saved or synchronized with the PC. Also to the security of the data the user needs to worry – the PDA is protected by a fingerprint sensor function. Even faster Internet access via UMTS or use around the globe by Quad are no

obstacle for the nearly 200 g heavy machinery. Even in terms of battery life convinced the business miracles by full 260 hours standby. And anyone who thinks that he must avoid such a business device multimedia, mistaken. The 2.0 megapixel camera offers the possibility to the music playback PDA. More technical details on the Portege G900 here.

Similarly well presented the Toshiba Portege G500 unfortunately not with a full keyboard. The compact slider phone has also called fingerprint technology and combines also telephone, E-Mail, Internet and MP3 player function. The camera is equally well equipped with 2.0 mega pixels. Only the standby time is lower than for the G900 with 240 hours to 20 hours. In addition, it is also worth noting that the G500 with its 135 g a lot easier than the G900. More technical details on the Portege G500 here.

Summary one can say that both devices can shine with many extras and features, does not present the other PDA. The main difference aside from the price (G500: 338,77 EUR unsubsidized, G900: 549,77 EUR unsubsidized) is certainly the full keyboard on the Toshiba Portege G900. In terms of design, both devices are great companions!