Unique Orange: Called from Home to Landlines and Orange for 8 Euros Per Month

We already knew the integrated fixed-mobile service of Orange in France, called there Unik, and the operator finally launches in Spain. One further step in the integration between mobile, fixed and ADSL.

On December 18 he comes to our country “Only” service. With this facility, we will have a mobile phone with the news that we will be able call mobile Orange from our House and fixed with a rate of 8 euros per month flat, whenever we are out of ADSL of Orange (formerly, Wanadoo). Mobile, WLAN technology will connect to the router via WiFi Livebox and manage our call. In addition, if the call has started at home and we went out to the street, will remain included in the rate flat. At all times we can enjoy mobile features: email, SMS, calendar…

With only one service can have up to 5 lines, and time will be available with the Nokia 6136, Although the operator ensures that, during 2007 will be available on more phones, provided that they include WLAN technology to connect with the router.

A big step for a product that can be very interesting if we make many calls from home, and a really tasty price. Let us hope that it is not here and the other operator capable of doing these deals, telephone (since Vodafone does not have fixed network), don’t delay, because months ago already rumours that were developing a similar system were heard.