XPERIA X 2 Comes Only At The Beginning Of The Year-Missed The Christmas Shopping Season With New Smartphone Sony Ericsson!

The selling of the XPERIA X 1 Sony Ericsson has announced formulation for mid this month. The market entry of new Smartphone XPERIA X 2 shifts according to Our site however to the beginning of the year 2010. Thus, Sony Ericsson missed the Christmas with the Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile 6.5

The new operating system to be very fast and much smarter act as the user interface of its predecessor.Windows Mobile 6.5 has been adapted to touch screen extra and will be for the first

time to have the XPERIA X 2 as the operating system. Overall is similar to the surface of the Apple, for example the unlock via flick.

What can the new XPERIA X 2?

The successor of the popular XPERIA X 1 is much better to use and offers fast Internet access on the go! The connection is on the way via Wi-Fi. HSDPA and HSUPA provide fast download rates.

Ease of use thanks to panels

The 3.2-inch WVGA TFT display resolves with up to 16 million colors. Links that are on the revised touchscreen and guarantee a direktren access to E-Mail and frequently used programs are known as panels. These panels allow to save additional time-controlled. In the morning on the way to work are other panels, such as E-Mail and Office functions, on the screen. In the evening on the way home is the MP3 player in the form of a widget on the screen, and, or the built-in radio.

How to write the SMS?

Writing can begin an SMS must be decided in principle once with the keyboard: touchscreen or with the pull-out full QWERTY keyboard! And so bored is additionally possible via handwriting to compose the message. The text input via stylus stylus and is then converted into digital code. Until the decision is made, the reason for the SMS may apply!

Photos with image stabilizer!

The built-in camera has over 8.1 mega pixels and is equipped with auto focus and image stabiliser for “wobble-free” images. The Flash, 16 x digital zoom and Geotagging round off the package of a good camera. In video mode, the XPERIA X 2 the function in the dark persuaded to adjust the light that can be filmed. These films can be then watching in on TV out to the larger viewing on the TV. To store only a small internal memory available, but expand to up to 16 GB via micro SD card allowing.

The new Smartphone is also an eye-catcher! The arc slider design is unique. The fast cell phone with 528 MHz processor there release with Our site mobile phones buy cheap online. The price is 528,95 euros without a contract. The 110 x 16 x 54 millimeter large Windows phone with up to 20 days standby and 600 minutes of talk time there are also with contract starting from 0 euro. For more detailed information, please visit Our site mobile phones buy cheap online.