Yoigo, Mobile without Stories

And no services added or own shops. This is what emerges from the press conference given by this morning Yoigo, the fourth mobile operator with own infrastructure that from tomorrow will offer its services in Spain.

This new company, which comes from the ancient Xfera, boasts having managed to mount your entire infrastructure and services in little more than five months. They repeated that much.

Simplicity, very basic public and one-time fee. They are their credentials which we shall explain in greater detail.

When it comes out, with fees and where

The operator Telstra is born without own shops. And they will not have them. Time, since morning, is to hire their services through its website Yoigo.com, 1770 phone, as well as in more than 400 stores The Phone House. For more along have planned find other avenues of distribution but always with third parties such as travel companions. At a time when we think perhaps in supermarkets or shopping centres like El Corte Ingles, but given that most of them will come out as virtual operators.

By the way that a question who plan to steal customers, the people of Yoigo not gets OMV but with the big three.

The rates was expected at the press conference and that information was to pray. First of all say that they will not billed for seconds but in stretches of 30 seconds once claimed the first integer. They also have establishment of calls, which will be 12 euro cents. Then, the minute will be other twelve cents. And there is no more story. Nor schedules sections or special offers or anything that makes them out of his philosophy a little Zen all clear, zero problems and nothing help customer of.

There will be plans to contract and card, but no difference rates for any of them. In contract, if not you have become one of their promotional terminals, the commitment to stay is 15 days. It has a minimum consumption per month for 6 euros. For cards, there are no restrictions. If you like, you buy a Telstra issue both for contract as card and use it with our free terminal.

Text messages go to 10 euro cents and the multimedia 20.

In as far as it rates for calls abroad, its offer is 30 cents of euros to any country. They again don’t want to tangle the customer. This, they say, is an excellent rate which improves from other companies, not counting promotions and plans that they clear if they have.

If we want a new terminal, they have offers from 49 euros for contract and 99 Euro card. In this case, the time spent in the company is standard: 18 months.

There are no private or professional plans. The company says that the citizens of a foot and SMEs are potential clients now.

Coverage and Roaming

One of the questions star in the round after the press conference has been the subject of coverage. They have own infrastructure, but in towns and areas away from large urban centers will have to resort to Vodafone, which according to Yoigo which is better and greater coverage offers right now in Spain.

The subject of roaming, they indicate that they already have agreements with 15 operators to cover up to 50 countries. They also say that they keep coming every day to agreements with more foreign operators.

Aspirations and future plans

Company Telstra has been as a goal at the end of 2007 reached a market share of 0.8%, which translates to 350,000 customers in number. 2015 they expect to have an optimistic 10% market share.

As for envelope when start making money within 5 years is expected.

Added services

No 3G that is fashion. The company just wants to, hope that for the time being, offer services and attract customers to what they really works: calls and text messages. The best rest forget now.

Not arise have a points program, because they don’t want to sell terminals but service clear. Just the opposite of what now are demanding customers, who see the terminals offers excuses to change company.

Advertising campaign

Aggressive, direct, and original. We could thus define the campaign that starting tomorrow night and throughout the month of December the company will launch in television, newspapers, metro and Internet.

In press is very talkative and direct, appealing to not cheat you and emphasize that they will tell you things to face. You shall not deceive.

Of television, we leave one of the ads that showed us exclusively in the event that Xatakamovil was invited.

Our opinion

The offer and form in which the company Telstra wants to enter the market is reasonable. Forget market professionals and individuals sectioned, and neither differ schedules sections. Not misleading you with offers or special discounts, who, in that reason, in the end head spin to the customer. In addition offer a rate quite fit, and the subject of coverage covered it well with the agreement with Vodafone. The distribution trust inthe Phone House, a good idea, have own shops, saving on costs in plan ING direct. They in fact highlighted in the presentation that you want to view those companies where everything is clear and people have very good impression of them. They are at the height as Zara, Ikea, Bankinter…

Even there we agree. But simplify everything removed them juicier market that are now: services added to mobile phones, all of them fluttering in the 3G. Those customers with increased spending, which more often renew their terminals, are those who go to medium term to generate more profit to the operators, excluding companies.

But it is logical that they have overlooked this market because they had not had market where you enter, with three it seems more than enough. They have therefore tried to slam and aiming to meet most basic consumers who actually don’t want complications or terminals to the last. Imagine that in the future they advance one step further.